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Was in class today and finally decided I had enough energy to get closer to dem mountains, and it was shaping up to be a gorgeous day.

It was a short trip to the ocean but a long one around the shoreline.

The closest I could get was a harbor in the cove, but before it was a little beach. It was nice to be out of the city for the first time in 12 days.

A short rest for a smoke on the grassy coast, and then a 9km walk home.

On the shoreline path back to miðbær (downtown), there were all sorts of sculptures and buildings and benches that resembled old soviet architecture of metal and concrete.
My favorite was this half circle bench with a barred seat. Cool stuff, shit picture, good morning.

First day in Iceland was genius. It’s a strange place. You never run out of hot water, and the sulfur in it makes your skin glow.
I’m about a quarter mile from the bay, which has a great view of the mountains to the north. The whole island is this gorgeous tundra-yellow-green color, and beneath the grass is pitch black volcanic soil, making for a totally alien terrain. I can see Hallgrímskirkja from my room so I had to go see it. It’s a truly massive church. Finding food is still hard, because I’m in downtown Reykjavík, it’s hard to tell what places offer a good value, and which are there to rip off silly Américan tourists. Ended up getting a Falafel wrap from a guy that spoke Icelandic with an Afghani accent, as if they aren’t challenging enough to understand on their own.

Then there’s Sara(bluehair) and Berglaug, sweet as can be. Only knew them through Instagram till last night. We went to Sara’s for dinner and then went out for a beer.
As expected, a pint of what was basically Pabst was about 7.50 USD, but I find it hard to complain about beer <3
I learned about Skinkur. It translates to ham, but basically means a skank haha. Watch out for skinkurs.

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